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December 13, 2006

Tam Deli & Cafe, 8222 N Lamar

More fabulous strip-center Vietnamese, this in one of those horrific gravel-walled Trammel Crow buildings that was clearly built for industrial retail. Never mind all that, just go inside - you'll find that the glare of fluorescent lights is mitigated somewhat by the coziness of the space and a (literally) mom and pop sense of hospitality. You'll also find some very tasty, inexpensive food.

You simply cannot go wrong with any of the baguette sandwiches - my favorite so far is the charcoal pork, but all of them are dressed with a decadent homemade mayonnaise and a brace of pickled veggies and fresh jalapeƱos. Served warm, they are so good and inexpensive that you'll be tempted to order a few more to go. You should, because they're even cheaper packaged for takeaway.

Don't miss the spring rolls, which are softer and more delicate than most; the roast chicken spring roll is a welcome change from the usual fillings of shrimp and pork. Finally, be sure to indulge in one of the numerous house-made pastries that grace the glass counter. I haven't dug deep into the pastry selection yet, but I'll update the review when I do.


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